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As a designer and developer, I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better

I am Surrey & London based UI Designer with over 10 years of experience in the Digital Design Industry i have worked for Some of the worlds biggest  creative agencies including Ogilvy & Wunderman. I have worked in various sectors of Industry from Blackrock, Financial Sector to John Lewis, Ecommerce and consider myself a very versatile with an easily adaptable persona.

Although my day to day job involves  creating userflow’s, wireframing, prototyping to visual design, being a Hybrid designer with a vast knowledge of development from Responsive Email Development, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Jason, Handlebars.Js to currently learning React.js.

I work with a varied size clients from small startups to large brands. With Experience within Agile Design & Development methodologies i put these practises into my daily routine and keeping up to date with the industry’s leading design & prototyping tools.

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Joao was an amazing asset to the Blackrock team in the digital realm. Joao was always quick to pinpoint solutions to problems we faced, and always looked to innovate within the company by taking advantage of the latest trends in digital. On top of that, Joao is a great UI designer who has a knack for aesthetics, as well as a keen eye for UX design patterns.

Ali Zendaki, Application Architect at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Joao is a talented designer who has a eye for detail and is always up for a creative challenge. He has the ability to turn messy doodles or vague descriptions into beautifully designed works of art.

One thing I massively appreciate in a person is when they take time to share knowledge and expertise – this is something Joao always does. He is never too busy to guide his colleagues and share his quick tips and tricks!

Heena Taylor, Senior UX Designer at Travelex

Joao brings a new dynamic to digital design. At BlackRock his skills and expertise influenced multiple campaigns. Much of the digital communication material produced by BlackRock is modular based, limiting appearance, structure and navigation – as a result emails often appear dated and uninspired. Joao set about understanding these tool, he wrote new code and considerably improved the UX across a very restrictive set of platforms. The enhancements to our event emails meant they became visually more engaging, promoting the event theme earlier in the user journey, but more importantly they were more effective, reflected in the increased open/click-through rates.

The power of simplifying the complex is immensely important in today’s digital world. It is our ongoing responsibility as designers to educate, nothing is more effective at doing this than relatable storytelling. Presentations are often the ‘shop window’ to any company, and Joao’s skills in the Adobe Animate software meant he was able to collaborate and bring to life engaging scripts – his speed and clean style meant his solutions to a storyboard were enthusiastically received and promoted within the wider business.

Daniel Lay, Lead Brand Designer

I previously worked with Joao during my time at Fourfront Group, and found him to be an absolute pleasure to work with. He worked diligently to understand our design brief and more importantly what our overall goal was. Not only did he approach our brief with the creativity it required; but he also was able to advise on the technical parameters of items such as email templates and in effect challenge the brief to deliver a better outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Joao as he was great asset to the work we did together.

Richard Lovell, CX Research & Optimisation Manager at

Joao helped me with the design of the website. At the initial meeting I presented some UX and Wireframe designs along with brand guidelines. Joao took the wireframes and presented both desktop and mobile versions of the website design.
From the initial consultation it was clear that Joao was a fantastic designer, with a keen eye for symmetry, great design with a sharp attention to detail.
I will use Joao again on future projects and can recommend his services for anyone looking for digital and print design

Nick Eary, Business Owner at RestRelax


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