Project Description

Treino – Fitness Client Management Software & App

My Role: UI/UX    •   Tools: Figma, Invision, Illustrator

Treino has been designed to embrace and facilitate communication between Personal Trainers and their clients. Focusing on making client management easier and including such features as Client Programs, Team Management,  Nutrition Plans, Invoicing & Billing in a single source of truth.


Personal trainers currently use multiple systems/software to manage their Clients Nutritional Plans, Goals, Programs & Classes this could turn into a very bothersome task. Client Management is currently a huge part of personal trainers daily routine, therefore makings this process more accessible. It could mean that time can be spent focusing on the clients rather than the admin side of things.


To create a unifying platform between the client an personal trainer and bring remote access to both sides and enhancing the product experience by focusing on easying the experience to enter logs of workouts & Nutrition, Keeping track of upcoming events and classes, Communication solutions between coach and client, Client Progression breakdown and analysis and many more features.

Competitor Analysis & Research

The initial research involved doing some competitor analysis by looking at several platforms including Freelics, My PT Hub & TrueCoach. This exposed me to understand the weakness and strengths of each platform allowing me to focus and enhance several areas which the competition lacked in.

Platform Mapping

The research gave me in-depth exposure to the market competition and there weak and strongest points. I was able to create an initial site map of the product which highlighted potential areas which we needed to concentrate and expand on an initial MVP. This aided the process of creating and discovering multiple scenarios whilst mapping the various user journeys, helping to improve the experience in multiple areas.



The Visuals

The Branding

Platform Wireframing & Prototyping

I created some low-fi wireframes to map layouts and hierarchy information & content. I followed by creating some quick prototypes in Figma and conducted some informal user testing with several different users, which allowed me to evaluate the design at an early phase and tweak my wireframes following the results feedback.

The Dashboard Visuals

Design System

The Design system provided a much-needed source of truth while delivering much quicker and consistent design solution. This evolved over several months and was accessibility tested and tailored to be used by designer and developer teams as a primary reference of component documentation.