Project Description


Role: UI & UX Design

Trusted childcare services, the Nannifinder App solution provides you with Local qualified Ofsted registered childcare within minutes easily hassle-free. Keeping sit & payment logs whilst getting superior experience.


Getting a last-minute trusted childcare service can always a nightmare. Either if its unplanned event or an emergency. For those who don’t live with family members or friends nearby getting someone to look after your children can be both daunting and stressful.


  • Introduce an Onboarding Experience for quick setup and feature highlights. 
  • Provide a Trusting Service with Certified childcarer Nannys & Childminders
  • Able to search and book childcare within a minimum of 2 hours notice
  • Have the ability to check that the child is fine
  • Keep track on the booked childcare time
  • Add trust value by enabling Nanny Reviews
  • Booking History
  • The app needs self-initiative
  • Can view relevant qualifications and documents before booking childcare via child care provider.
  • A hub for billing, communication, Notes between Parents & Childcarrers. 


The First Step was to understand how consumers of this market felt about the current childcare products in the current market and try to understand the pain-points of parents and childcare service providers for these current products. This was achieved via a set number of interviews with Parents and Nannies. Which allowed me to get some real feedback rather than guesswork from this early stage. The information gathered allowed me to discover the root of the problem.

Quotes Directly from Users:

“As a parent, I feel I should have more control over my childcare service.”

” I feel trust is a big issue when using these services.”

“I would like to see tailored childcare based on the location and reviews.

“As a childcare provider, I want the parents to feel trusted in my services.”

“I feel having a fluid transaction process between parent and childcare provider can allow an easier transactional process and keep on track of payment status.”

Competitor Analysis

I started by looking at the products which were currently out in the market, some of which include include, Sittercity, Sitter, bubble this allowed be to diggest the pros and cons of each product.

User Flow

Low & Mid Fidelity Wireframes

NanniFinder UI Wireframe App Design

The Visual Design


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