Project Description


kinetico –  Fitness Client Management Software & App

The Kinetico platform has been designed to be the bridge between the client and the personal trainer. To make the management of client programs, Nutrition and Exercises, Payments streamlined and widely accessible and tailored to every individual client. We worked closely with ex-Olympian weightlifting medal winner and personal trainers to get this product developed and catered for the future of the platform by integrating wearing tech and linking Fitbit and myfitnesspal accounts.


Personal trainers currently use multiple systems/software to manage their Clients Nutritional Plans, Goals, Programs & Classes this could turn into a very bothersome task. Client Management is currently a huge part of personal trainers daily routine, therefore makings this process more accessible. It could mean that time can be spent focusing on the clients rather than the admin side of things.


To create a unifying platform between the client an personal trainer and bring remote access to both sides and enhancing the product experience by focusing on easying the experience to enter logs of workouts & Nutrition, Keeping track of upcoming events and classes, Communication solutions between coach and client, Client Progression breakdown and analysis and many more features.



Dashboard Wireframes

Design System