Project Description

My John Lewis New Joiners

Being a myJL member brings excellent benefits and perks. So it essential the journey of the sign-up process is just as effective; it should be clear for the customer to identify the reasons to take such action from the moment they land on the Sign-up landing page.


The former design does not meet accessibility requirements due to low colour contrast and hard to read calls to action, which is a crucial part of the journey of my new myJL customers especially for those who have Colour vision deficiency.


To deliver a fully accessible and simplified journey and provide a fully accessible page with a clear call to action highlighting the key benefits of being a my John Lewis Customer.

Cookie Compliance

As part of the GDPR rules, We tailored the cookie compliance component. Several designs were created and tested the positioning of banners, button weights and copy. We A/B split test these between banner and modals and found that there was a higher engagement rate on the modals.

The Skincare Finder Confirmation Email

As a costumer who has maybe not much knowledge about beauty routines. I would like to receive help with a selection of products which take in consideration The Skincare type and goal and cater a selection of products to achive my goal and budget.


When a user submits the information the data will no be kept which means that a consumer canot login and check these products out at a future date.


When the tool is used on the site and the details are confirmed an email confirmation email will be send to client with the breakdown of product images and description name whilst including tailored guidelines to achive your skin goal for future reference.